Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts and his wife don't go out to dinner often. He also does most of the cooking at home, he said. When they go out, he knows what he likes.

"When we do go out we either go to El Charrito or Stetsons," Roberts said.

At Stetsons, his favorite entree is prime rib, and he likes that medium rare. At El Charrito, he favors either the enchiladas or burritos.

What if he could eat dinner anywhere in the world?

"I just don't know," he said. "I'd really have to think about it."

Roberts said that while he's enjoyed some excellent food in Mexico, his favorite place to eat would probably be in the United States.

As far as new places to go, Roberts hasn't eaten at Hamley's yet. He said he's eager to try the new steak house.

"My wife has been a couple of times and she said it was great," he said.

The Roberts did venture out to Wildhorse to check out the casino's new fine dining restaurant, Plateau.

"It was pretty good," he said. "We enjoyed it."

Tasting vs. testing

If you're a taster, you sit back and let someone else feed you. If you're a tester you're the one doing the cooking.

In this column last week, I reported that the Round-Up Cookbook Committee needed tasters. I was wrong. They need testers. They're going to have volunteers prepare each submitted recipe twice to make sure everything's right. Raphael Hoffman is the chairwoman of the testing committee and she'd love to hear from anyone wanting to try out the submitted recipes.

The committee is also looking for recipes that have a history with someone associated with the Round-Up, recipes that are loved by those who love Round-Up, and recipes that have become a tradition at Round-Up celebrations.

For more information about the recipe submissions, call Mary Alice Ridgway. For more information about testing recipes, call Raphael Hoffman. The Round-Up office at 276-2553 also has cookbook information.

The book will be sold beginning with the 2009 Round-Up, and will celebrate the rodeo's 100th anniversary in 2010.


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