PENDLETON - Students at area elementary schools were treated to performances by members of the Pendleton High School third- and fourth-year acting classes Thursday.

"Exhilarating" is the word the high school students used to describe how they felt about the performance.

The drama students are learning mythical story writing based on fairy tales, said John Remington, theater director and teacher at the high school. They wrote the short plays based on their own imaginations, backgrounds and children's books.

"Imagination only works with knowledge from education," he told the elementary students. "But with imagination, scary things can become your friends."

It was an opportunity for the older students to reach out to the younger ones, Remington added. Using one's own imagination was the theme connecting the scenes.

"The Three Little Pigs" children's story provided an outline for one of the scenes the students performed, but they added a few things of their own. With cue cards, each little pig was given a name and a choice of building materials. They ultimately chose to build their houses with the materials from the classic story, but the audience had a chance to consider some innovative materials before the decision was made, said student actor, Brandon Townsend.

"We can be kids, too," said Kitt Kindle. "We get to perform and so do they."

"The kids respond to the performance," said Angi Sweet, another of the student actors. "They actually laugh. It's more fun (than acting for an older audience) because they interact more."

David DuKart agreed, "It's a blast to perform when the audience is so responsive. Hopefully we've inspired some future actors."


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