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James D. Kindle in pre-COVID times. Kindle will be hosting a series of round-robin livestream concerts beginning Jan. 10, 2021.

PENDLETON — Pendleton-based songwriter and performer James Dean Kindle will host a nearly weeklong series of free, livestreamed concerts beginning Sunday, Jan. 10.

Entitled the "3x3 Series," each night Kindle and two guest songwriters will take turns via video conference performing three of their original songs in a round robin format. Kindle's goal with the series is to bring together songwriters he admires from across the globe presenting different modes of songwriting in a single setting.

All installments will be livestreamed at 6 p.m. from Kindle's YouTube channel, https://rebrand.ly/3x3series, and their respective recordings will also be left up on the channel afterward for those unable to tune in for the livestream. All performances are free to watch.

"At this point in my life I've run in quite a number different artistic circles," said Kindle in a press release, "many of which have no overlap aside from me. It will be a pleasurable experiment acting as a connecting force between these diverse sets of immensely talented and accomplished people."

The first installment on Jan. 10, will feature Rian Beach of The Dalles and Elizabeth Venable of Portland. Beach is the co-founder of the alternative country music festival Jackalope Jamboree and fronts the Pendleton-based rock band Misty Mouth. Venable is the vocalist/drummer for the county band Fronjentress and punk duo Sad Horse.

The Monday, Jan. 11, concert will feature Thomas Paul of Boise, Idaho, and David Shane Smith of Two Falls, Wisconsin. Paul is an in-demand side man, bandleader and music educator who is a frequent instructor at the Pendleton Center for the Arts' annual Rock Camp. Smith is an electronic music composer, digital visual artist, and video game designer.

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Lincoln Barr of Lexington, South Carolina, and Charles Wood III of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation will perform. Barr is a songwriter with a heavy jazz influence who for years fronted the Seattle-based sophisti-pop group Red Jacket Mine. Wood is a singer, hand drummer, and performer of Cree-style round dance and pow wow music.

The Wednesday, Jan. 13, concert will feature Paul Collins of Queens, New York, and Dusty Santamaria of New Orleans, Louisiana. Collins is an experimental musician, record label operator (Cimiotti Recordings), the former multi-instrumentalist for the indie band Beirut, and a life coach. Santamaria was the vocalist/guitarist for the rock bands Sexmagick, Dusty & Moira, and The Singing Knives among many others, is a visual artist, podcaster (Beautiful Mutants Spacecast) and magician.

Nick Jaina of Oakland, California, and Nadja Carolina of Berlin, Germany, will be featured on Thursday, Jan. 14. Jaina is a writing instructor and author whose most recent novel, "Hitomi," was released earlier this year. His memoir "Get It While You Can" was a finalist for an Oregon Book Award. Carolina is the singer/guitarist for the indie folk band Carolina Lee and the founder of the new classical/jazz/improvisational festival Suture Soven.

The final installment on Friday, Jan. 15 will feature Greg Rawlins of La Grande and Dustin Hamman of Silver City, New Mexico. Rawlins is a singer/guitarist with the rock band Sons of Guns and folk duo Foxgloves, as well as a poet and actor. Hamman usually performs with his rock band Run On Sentence, is a former roadie for Neil Young, a former winemaking assistant, and also a frequent instructor at Pendleton Center for the Arts' annual Rock Camp.

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