"Apocalypto" has the most gore I have ever witnessed in a movie. Director Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" and "The Passion of the Christ" also had a penchant for bloodletting, but here he includes impalements, amputations, rapes, eviscerations and beheadings. Set in the waning days of the Maya Civilization and sub-titled throughout, "Apocalypto" coldly shows what uncivilized people do.

This movie begins with a pre-Columbian Mayan village hunting a wild boar. The kill is celebrated with a parceling out of the animals body parts. A marauding tribe attacks the peaceful village. The slaughter and torture of the villagers is very graphic with vivid inventiveness. The marauders capture those who are not killed. And the future doesn't look good for the captured because the decision makers have decided the gods demand human sacrifices.

The film deals with the life of one of the captured and how he stays alive and returns to his wife and child like he promised he would.

Gibson has maybe made the weirdest, most violent movie of 2006. This movie earns its rating and certainly in not for anyone under the age of 17. Even though this movie has a lot of gore and you have to read the sub-titles, I did enjoy the film. Gibson did a great job directing and also in co-writing the script.

Rating: R-17. Directed by Mel Gibson. 2 hours, 8 minutes


Jessica Wright is a senior at Pendleton High School.


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