LA GRANDE — Eastern Oregon University awarded 572 undergraduate degrees and 113 graduate degrees in 2009-10. Students graduating with honors earned a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above. The following area residents graduated from EOU during the 2009-10 academic year:

Adams: Haley Davis, BS in business administration. Arlington: Leslie Wetherell, BS in philosophy/politics/economics (summa cum laude). Echo: Kelli LaFramboise, BS in multidisciplinary studies. Helix: Friday Bracher, BS in business administration; Lisa Cope, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Stephanie Hutchinson, BA in psychology. Heppner: Blair Keithley, BS in business administration (cum laude). Hermiston: Natalie Brewer, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Joshua Browning, MS in education; Danica Cline, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Patricia Devine-Jenson, BS in liberal studies (magna cum laude); Catherine Dotson, MS in education (summa cum laude); Fuamai Ena, BS in liberal studies; Anthony Garrard, BS in multidisciplinary studies (cum laude); William Gray, BS in computer science/multimedia studies (magna cum laude); Lacey Harris, BS in biology (cum laude); Joleen Horning, BS in business administration; Celeste Lopez, BS in business administration; Saje Marvin, BA in business administration; Aimee Mosher, MS in education; Lou Patterson, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Joshua Ross, BS in biology; Deborah Schnell, BS in liberal studies; Crystal Steele, MBA in business administration; Mandi Villanueva, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Amanda Walchli, BS in multidisciplinary studies (magna cum laude); Kelley Washburn, BS in business administration; Marci Wattenburger, MS in education; Darbie Whitbread, BS in liberal studies. Irrigon: Laura Eddy, honors baccalaureate in multidisciplinary studies (cum laude); April Linnell, BS in multidisciplinary studies. Milton-Freewater: Brian Stiller, BS in multidisciplinary studies (summa cum laude). Mitchell: Trista Williams, BS in liberal studies. North Powder: Candace Martin, BS in business administration. Pendleton: Violeta Arroyo-Lopez, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Elizabeth Baldwin, BS in business administration (summa cum laude); Elizabeth Bronson, MS in education; Gloria Chase, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Nichole Erwin, BS in multidisciplinary studies (summa cum laude); Nolan Frost, MS in teacher education; Michelle Hansen, BS in business administration; Carrie Holford, BS in liberal studies; Jacqueline Moore, BS in liberal studies; Roman Olivera, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Kathryn Podlesnik, BA in English (magna cum laude); James Rinehart, BS in liberal studies; Shannon Schuette, BS in multidisciplinary studies (summa cum laude); Jocelyn Short, BS in multidisciplinary studies; Adam Sims, BS in business administration; Christopher Steinmetz, BS in business administration. Pilot Rock: Cassandra Beers, BS in theatre arts; Jessica Humphreys, BS in psychology; Kimberly Widner, BS in business administration (summa cum laude). Spray: Ryan Starr, BS in business administration. Stanfield: Austin Gehrke, BS in business administration (cum laude); K. Pawley, BS in business/economics. Summerville: Abby Skvarch, BS in psychology; Dawn Treat, BS in multidisciplinary studies. Umatilla: Leah Arnold, BS in liberal studies; David Pixton, BS in biochemistry; Juana Santillan, MS in education (summa cum laude). Weston: Amber Doremus, MS in education; Teresa Marsh, BS in liberal studies.

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