Question: I am installing additional fiberglass insulation in my attic - on the walls as well as between the overhead rafters.

I have found it to be a messy and uncomfortable task, especially where a full size fiberglass blanket has to be cut down to fit into a narrow space. The fiberglass tends to shred and tear and it makes my skin itch like mad.

Any suggestions as to how I can make the task simpler or easier?

Answer: Use a piece of lumber to insure a neater and straighter cut without causing the fiberglass to tear up or shred.

Place a length of scrap lumber on top of the fiberglass and position it along the line of cut you need.

Then press down real hard on the board and use a sharp utility knife or box cutter to slice the insulation neatly along the edge of the wood guide.

Put on fairly heavy work gloves and wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants, as well as putting on safety goggles and a dust mask for the job. And make sure the work area is well ventilated while you are working.

2004 Bernard Gladstone


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