BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — An Indiana limestone quarry featured in the 1979 movie "Breaking Away" has been filled in following years of safety concerns.

Sanders Quarry south of Bloomington was recently filled in, The Herald-Times reported . The iconic spot, which is also known as Rooftop, has seen issues with people trespassing in order to imitate scenes from the movie, according to law enforcement officials.

Three people have died in the past 25 years after jumping from the quarry's 65-foot-high (20-meter-high) ledges, said Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain. Nearby residents also complained about parking issues, break-ins and vandalism to cars, he said.

"I hadn't had a whole lot of complaints the past few years from business owners and property owners," he said. "Quarries were part of growing up in Monroe County. I swam in Rooftop a number of times, and in other quarries. It's one of those icons that are just as much a part of the county as the fish on top of the courthouse."

Indiana Limestone Co. began working with the Indiana State Police, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, the Indiana University Office of Student Affairs and the Monroe County commissioners in 2015 to address the safety concerns.

Indiana Limestone made alterations to the area in 2016 to hinder access and discourage visitors, such as bulldozing trees and debris to the edge of the quarry and strategically placing boulders. The company declined to comment about the newly filled-in quarry.

Former Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan, who was an unpaid extra in the movie, said the closure of the quarry made him emotional.

"It's sad, but it's understandable," he said.


Information from: The Herald Times,

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