When I read your recent article on Congressman Greg Walden's town hall in Athena, I wondered at such a different experience that reporter had from mine.

I was so impressed with Congressman Walden's thorough knowledge of every subject that came up, whether the border crisis (which he has personally visited) to the opioid crisis, to the forests.

He advocates for improved forest management for reduction of wildfires and the tons of carbon and pollution they emit, when an actively managed forest is an agent to sequester carbon rather than emitting it like our current neglected forest lands. We should be getting good paying jobs for rural communities, whereas the Green New Deal the East Oregonian seems to support will do just the opposite.

I was very interested when he mentioned research developed at OSU in use in Idaho of advanced nuclear energy with modular reactors, no emissions, plus new developments in hydropower when you need it in the amount you need.

One commented on a desire for Congress to work together. Congressman Walden mentioned all the many bills passed with bipartisan support, but he said the media is not interested in that, they only report on any controversy. The EO fell right in line, ignoring a mostly supportive group for a rude dissenter.

Congressman Walden won Umatilla County by a 2:1 margin; it would be nice if the local paper would report on the many supportive comments and not refer to the meeting as "testy." Balance in reporting was missing.

Granella Thompson


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