The Pendleton Friends of the Library presented a check for $8,000 to the Pendleton Public Library at the annual meeting and dinner April 26 at Peace Lutheran Church. The amount included money from the sale of library chairs and an afghan.

The presentation was by Bert West, treasurer of the library friends, to Library Director Kat Davis. Another check in the amount of $1,428 was presented to Davis by Carolyn Gerberding, chair of the Adopt a Magazine Committee. The children’s summer reading program received $2,101.57.

Many of the special programs sponsored by the Pendleton Public Library are underwritten by the library friends with money raised from its annual fall book sale. West and Gerberding said books donated by community individuals provided funds for speakers and projects for adults and children who use the public library, and both expressed thanks for the support of the community.

Greg Holden reported that “Book Marks” had been received from Washington, Lincoln, West Hills and McKay Creek schools. Davis, West, Kimbra Cook, Karen Licurse and Marjie Prowant were named to judge the winning entries.

Speaker for the annual event was George Stastny of McMinnville, who gave a talk featuring his book “Risk for Freedom,” regarding his and his family’s flight from communist Czechoslovakia. He entertained by singing Western cowboy songs in his native language while playing guitar.

Dr. Don and Carole Guenther chaired the dinner, and books were received by guests attending. The dinner was catered by Jeannine Hoeft and Simply Catering.

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