PENDLETON - The 2007 Round-Up Queen Whitney White and princesses Tiffany Aliverti, Dana Grieb, Lacey Mayberry and Beth Sullivan traveled on Dec. 17 to Portland to be fitted for their wool outfits.

The court was greeted at the Pendleton Woolen Mills corporate offices downtown and measured and fitted for their outfits before returning to Pendleton.

The court got up early on Dec. 27 to appear on the Coffee Hour radio show hosted by Tom Melton. After their interviews, it was time for some pampering.

The queen and princesses enjoyed facials provided by Cathy Williams, Sue Thomas and Maggie Oldenburg of Woman to Woman in Pendleton. The young women then walked up the street to Details Salon for their hair styling. Shellie Peterson, Perrie Wolchik and Torie Smith gave the young women their uniform styles.

That afternoon the court was once again treated to facials, this time by Sunny Waggoner of Pendleton and Cheyenne Williams of Athena, independent beauty consultants for Mary Kay cosmetics. Waggoner gave a Mary Kay Miracle Set to all the court members and also gave the queen a set of makeup brushes.

The court attended the Round-Up Minors Party that was held at Pendleton Skate City. They donned skates and enjoyed themselves.

"They had a great time skating with all the younger volunteers for the Pendleton Round-Up," Court Chaperone Bill Quesenberry said.

The next court appearances are scheduled for March, when the queen and princesses are home from college on spring break. At that time, they will wear their official leathers and be formally introduced at a dinner.


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