IONE — The following students were named to the third quarter honor roll at Ione Community School for the 2012-2013 school year:

4.0 gpa: Kaitlin Garrett, Morgan Orem, Roman Sheena Rodriguez, Tristan Estabrook, Katelyn Bass, Maia Fuchs, Rachel Holland Ann Rietmann, Lauren Garrett, Oskar Peterson, Emily Holland, Gus Peterson, Julianne Carlson, Evan Rietmann and Stacee Halvorsen.

Honor Roll (3.5-3.99 gpa): Dayshawn Neal, Maggie Flynn, Ally Haguewood, Karsen Dumler, Tatum Clark, Sadie Hasbell, Hannah Flynn, Jason Juarez, , Daniel Holtz, Jaqueline Juarez, Joel Stillman, Bailey Haguewood, Tim Emmel, Lacey Thompson, Kirk Haguewood, Cassidy Braun, McKenzie Estabrook, Rita McElligott Joshua Stillman and Jessie Flynn.

Honorable Mention (3.0-3.49 gpa): Austin Morter, Wyatt McNary, Karsyn Rios, Hannah Padberg, Cord Flynn, Austin Carter, Ashley Medina, Babali Peterson, Jorge Aguilar, Joseph Doherty, Adara Hasbell, Brianna Snyder, Audrey Guenther, Timothy Patton, Zane King, Lucas Jobes, Tyrell Barnett, Stewert Syverson, Larissa Jon

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