M-F artist creates Caledonian design

The Tree of Life Blanket, with a design created by Milton-Freewater artist Jeanann Mitchell, is available for purchase this weekend at the Athena Caledonian Games.

ATHENA — The Athena Caledonian Games announced a special project, the Tree of Life Blanket, was created specifically for this weekend’s event at Athena City Park.

Milton-Freewater artist Jeanann Mitchell became intrigued with the Celtic knot of Scottish origin. And, in 2005, she designed the Tree of Life for the Athena Caledonian Games.

Mitchell developed it to be adorned with Scottish bagpipes, a thistle, Highland dancing shoes, sheep and dogs — all Scottish images of Highland Games like Athena’s, hanging in a beautifully crafted tree with Celtic knots as leaves. Also, there’s a little fairy seated on a branch of the Tree of Life because Caledonian is a wee bit magical, said Sue Friese, Athena Caledonian Games president. The Tree of Life is superimposed over a black and red plaid for a very striking presentation, Friese added.

The blanket measures 48 x 63 inches, is made of 100 percent cotton, is washable and preshrunk. It was made in North Carolina by Mill Street Design.

They will be available for purchase ($49.95) at the souvenir booth Saturday and Sunday at Athena Caledonian Games. For more information, 541-566-3880, athenacaledoniangames@gmail.com or visit www.athenacaledoniangames.org.

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