PENDLETON — Pendleton Foundation Trust's new Submittable online application management software will provide a convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective approach to administering grant and scholarship programs, and will archive important application information for future reference by the trust board's successors. The software was expected to “go live” by Feb. 1 for spring applicants.

Grantees will now be able to access the new cloud-based software through the trust's website,, and sign in through a secure, encrypted portal with their own username and password. Once logged in, grantees will provide information about their organization, as well as their proposed grant project. In addition, they will be allowed to attach Word, Excel, and other types of files to their application in order to provide PFT with a complete picture of their organization and grant request.

Submittable is designed to be simple and convenient, and should reduce the burden of submitting grant proposal information to PFT. Grantees will be able to work on their grant applications online and save a draft to be completed later. The software will provide flexibility in the grant application process by not requiring the grantee to complete the application in one sitting. The software also allows PFT to communicate more efficiently with the grantee through the private portal to ask for required inputs and to ensure necessary information is not omitted.

Once grant applications are submitted, the software will make it easier to provide grant proposal information to the assigned PFT reviewers. The reviewers will have a standardized approach with a side-by-side view of the grant application and a custom review form, which will provide a more consistent approach to the evaluation of grant applications. More generally, the software will also provide the PFT board with analytic tools, and current and historic data for a clearer understanding of the impact that PFT has on the community of Pendleton.

Pendleton Foundation Trust will also use Submittable to manage the scholarship application submission and review process. Scholarship applicants will find the new software much more user friendly and the selection committee will be better positioned to evaluate applications more efficiently.

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