I'm very happy with my steady 2 lb. per week average. Some weeks have been more (up to 3.1 lb. one week) and some weeks less (as little as .3 of a lb. one week). I'm realizing that it's like the stock market - lots of daily fluctuation, but a long term trend in the right direction. (Hopefully the stock market trends up and the weight trends down...)

And spinning (cycling) class has changed my life. Even though it took a few weeks to work up to being able to keep up in the most rudimentary way, sticking with it has been very rewarding. Micky and Amy to a great job getting the most out of each class, and it's set up so that each person works to their own ability.

The ab workout that they end the class with is GREAT and I can feel definite results already. I can feel that underneath the remaining layers of chubbiness is that the "firm, sexy core" that the infomercials promise is starting to take shape again.

The spin class has also taught me how to get the most out of my workout on the eliptical cross trainer. Going fast at a low setting isn't necessarily the best workout. By tweeking the tension, you can set it to match your music tempo, and on slower songs, work to push through the added tension, ramping up your heart rate considerably.

Melissa's been great, and I really feel like her food diary spread sheet got my meals structured in a way that's been super easy to replicate each day, even though I don't actually fill out the page anymore.

I don't feel food deprived at all and am eating more fruits and vegetables than I have in years. Can't WAIT until the Farmer's Market gets going and there's more variety in the produce offerings.

One thing I have tweeked that seems to be helping is that I'm having my last big meal before 5 pm each day and the only thing I'm eating in the evening is air-popped popcorn. 1/2 cup of kernels makes a good sized bowl, and since I like to nibble each piece methodically, it lasts a long time and is filling, so I don't go to bed feeling hungry.

Melissa combined my weight training into an upper and lower body workout that I do three days a week and it fits in so much better with my weekly routine.

Right now, I feel like this is a routine I can live with for the long run.

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