Do you like to look at rocks as you hike? Do you like to take your dog with you on hikes?

Oregon author Ellen Morris Bishop offers lots of advice on both subjects in her two new books - "Best Hikes With Dogs in Oregon" (The Mountaineers Books, 288 pages, soft cover, $16.95), and the second edition of "Hiking Oregon's Geology" (The Mountaineers Books, 272 pages, soft cover, $16.95).

Bishop earned a doctorate in geology from Oregon State University in 1982. She is a specialist in igneous petrology and the exotic terraines of Eastern Oregon. She's an accomplished writer. Her books are a pleasure to read.

No special tools are required to enjoy the geologic hikes. Bishop recommends a 10X hand lens, a hammer, safety glasses, a notebook, newsprint for wrapping samples you collect, and a felt-tip waterproof pen for marking samples.

Bishop selected 90 trails to write about - from the Pacific Coast to remote regions of Eastern Oregon. Armchair hikers can enjoy this book just as much as the physically intrepid.

For the dog lovers, Bishop selected a wide range of trails, in all parts of the state.

Her advice includes obedience training for the dog.

"A dog that can't behave should be left at home" she writes.

Striking photos

George Bedirian has collected more than 100 of his classic photos in "Palouse Country" (WSU Press, 132 pages, soft cover, $32.95). The Palouse covers about 2,000 square miles in southeast Washington and northern Idaho.

Wheat country, it's remote and lonely. Bedirian's accomplished eye captures the Palouse as you've never seen it before. The book was first released in 1987 but this new edition contains previously unpublished images.

The coming of the automobile and good highways left a legacy that Bedirian records.

Worth telling

Warren N. Vaughn more than a century ago in Tillamook wrote in an old ledger what he had been a part of since his arrival on the Oregon coast. Copies of that journal were used by Don Berry as sources in his novels, "Trask," and "To Build a Ship."

Now Mark Highberger of Wallowa has published this history of early settlement in Tillamook County as "Till Broad Daylight" (Bear Creek Press, 99 pages, soft cover, $16.95).

Losing ground

David W. Orr says we're losing the battle to protect the environment and proposes a constitutional amendment to solve the problem, in his book, "The Last Refuge" (Island Press, 172 pages, hard cover, $20). The book is subtitled, "Patriotism, Politics and the Environment in an Age of Terror."


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