At first I thought I was just old when they started tearing down buildings that I thought hadn't been standing that long.

For example, when they demolished the Kingdome in 2000, I was stunned. The building was only 23 years old. Heck, it was the home of the Mariners and the SuperSonics, and everyone knew those were relatively new teams - right?

My peers and I are now old enough to be grandparents of professional athletes. We're old enough to have seen the construction and demolition of several major sporting venues and quite a few casinos in Las Vegas. We're old enough to not be the slightest bit surprised when we say, I" don't remember."

So, yes, I've changed. I was ready and willing to believe that when time passes, time flies - meaning suddenly they're tearing down something that my peers don't think has been up that long.

That feeling of "times change and so should I" lasted for about a minute.

What's up with our world where the builders of buildings put a two-decade lifespan on them? What's up when the best thing to do with a shaky computer is buy a new one? What do they mean when they say it would be cheaper to buy a new car than repair the one that's just 12 years old?

It seems to me that, without even notifying us, our world is changing to a disposable place. Nothing lasts like it used to last. That's why you see the next generation spending heaps of money renovating buildings that were first put up at the turn of the century.

If you want something to last - take a clue from the past. We know one thing, and that's about aging with grace.


"Home Front" by EO Community Editor Terry Murry is published on Tuesdays.


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