What's worse than a really big snake? A bunch of really big snakes, which is exactly what "Anacondas" is all about. Lots of gigantic snakes that like to eat people. Talk about creepy!

In search of a rare flower, which supposedly holds the secret to longevity and good health, a group of scientists working for a pharmaceutical company head to Borneo. It's the rainy season, though, so the group has a hard time finding a boat and captain willing to take them deep into the jungle. Once they do, a series of mishaps puts them right into the paths of over-grown Anacondas, who themselves have discovered the secret of longevity - which is why they have kept growing - and are very hungry, and feel very threatened by man.

Of course, this is your typical "large, man-eating animal" type of picture so don't expect to see any break-through acting in it, or even anything unusual within the formula of the film. Do, however expect to be completely "grossed out" by the snakes, as it just wouldn't be truly freaky if the snakes didn't eat most of the cast. They don't eat nicely, either, I might add.

But as far as entertainment goes, it works. And even as gross as it is, it's still not that bad, as my 10-year-old son didn't seem freaked out by it at all. I guess it's just me: I don't like snakes. So for all snakephobes, out there, skip this. But if you think you can handle it, you should see it. I'll warn you, though - you may sit in the theater with your feet up in the chair, like I did, because even subconsciously, I wasn't taking any chances of having anything slimy and creepy crawling around my feet.


Layla Beth Vaughn Clark is a Pendleton cosmetologist and part-time cosmetology instructor.


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