The following students were named to the fourth quarter honor roll at Helix Community School:

Helix Middle School: 4.0 gpa: Dean Boland, Isabelle Estrada, Blake Harper, Addie Hayes, Victoria Morris, Elizabeth Reeder, Ethan Reeder and MayaBella Texidor; 3.75-3.99 gpa: Ryan Chalmers, Ellery Flerchinger and Caleb Sprenger; 3.25-3.74 gpa: Kolby Ash, Elliana Boatright, Karsten Bracher, Kuper Bracher, Ainsley Curtiss, Robby Garrett, Brooke Harley, Brandon Hoffman, Cody Kinnaman, Tiernan McDaniel, Bailey Moore, Lexi Thompson and Madison Thompson.

Griswold High School: 4.0 gpa: Hannah Christman, Bryce Fairchild, Alexis Leake, Gavin Newtson, Elijah Sprenger and Annie Wood; 3.75-3.99 gpa: Kaylee Cope, Sam Kubishta, Colton Reynolds and Anna Schatzlein; 3.25-3.74 gpa: Preston Brower, Sam Carlson, Kyla Harper, Zachary Johnson, Arianna Krol, Rylee Mann, Zachary Mann, Anitohi Mercer, Karalin Reynolds, Elisabeth Shaw, Kyleen Stahancyk, Ryann Stahancyk and Noelle Texidor.

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