CORVALLIS — Names of students who have made the Scholastic Honor Roll for winter term 2019 have been announced by Oregon State University.

A total of 1,371 students earned a 4.0 gpa. Another 4,728 earned a B-plus (3.5 or better) to make the listing. To be on the honor roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

Adams: 3.5 gpa or better: Anna M. Kennedy, junior, kinesiology.

Athena: 3.5 gpa or better: Melina R. Baker, senior, interior design; Heston D. Johnson, senior, fisheries & wildlife sciences.

Boardman: 3.5 gpa or better: Lizbeth Gaytan, senior, business administration; Taylor R. Hamby, sophomore, biology; Tania Mendoza, sophomore, university exploratory studies.

Heppner: 4.0 gpa: Mekayla S. Kindle, senior, human development and family science; 3.5 gpa or better: Jessica M. Kempken, junior, biohealth sciences; Kane P. Sweeney, sophomore, political science.

Hermiston: 4.0 gpa: Mackenzie L. Juul, senior, human development and family science; Yosiel A. Ornelas, senior, finance; Hannah L. Walker, sophomore, animal sciences; 3.5 gpa or better: Jasmin Chen, sophomore, chemistry; Evan N. Douglass, junior, finance; Taylor S. Katsel, senior, psychology; Martee M. Kelly, senior, business administration; Tristan D. Mitchell, senior, construction engineering management; Noah E. Roberts, freshman, music; Tanner A. Smith, junior, music; Arnulfo Torres, senior, biology; Kellie Zepeda, junior, kinesiology; James A. Zwiefelhofer, junior, graphic design.

Ione: 4.0 gpa: Oskar M. Peterson, senior, mechanical engineering.

Irrigon: 3.5 gpa or better: Asusena Munoz Flores, junior, human development and family science; Brandy Quezada-Hermosillo, junior, human development and family science; Bruno Salas Garcia, junior, microbiology; Corbin M. Tegner, senior, pre-computer science.

Lexington: 3.5 gpa or better: Logan S. Grieb, sophomore, management; Weston J. Putman, junior, marketing.

Milton-Freewater: 4.0 gpa: Austin J. Dibble, senior, electrical & computer engineering; Ulises Zaragoza, senior, computer science; 3.5 gpa or better: Michael T. Odman, junior, finance.

Pendleton: 4.0 gpa: Silvy N. Cook, junior, kinesiology; Abby L. Rinehart, sophomore, human development and family science; Doria M. Summerfield, sophomore, kinesiology; Trinity M. Whitaker, senior, human development and family science; 3.5 gpa or better: Emily D. Bradley, senior, animal sciences; Chyenne S. Carey, senior, business administration; Keren Hampton, senior, mechanical engineering; Jessie T. Patterson, sophomore, political science; Taryn L. Sokoloski, senior, speech communication; Brayden J. Tremper, sophomore, pre-computer science; Shayla D. Whitaker, senior, human development and family science.

Pilot Rock: 3.5 gpa or better: Cade M. Anderson, sophomore, business administration; Kaleigh M. Waggoner, senior, agricultural sciences.

Stanfield: 3.5 gpa or better: Jesus M. Carrillo, senior, kinesiology.

Umatilla: 4.0 gpa: Jonathan M. Macias, sophomore, pre-computer science; 3.5 gpa or better: Samantha M. Ball, junior, pre-public health; Tristan A. Cole, junior, pre-graphic design; Gabriela Lemus-Macias, senior, human development and family science; Skyler K. Stokoe, freshman, university exploratory studies.

Weston: 3.5 gpa or better: Jarett W. Bousquet, senior, English; Thomas L. Clark, senior, forest engineering.

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