PENDLETON — Sunridge Middle School has announced Bronc Pride Award winners for the months of March and April. Recipients of these special awards are either consistently modeling high expectations related to readiness, respect and responsibility, or have recently experienced recognizable growth in one or all of these areas.

Sixth Grade: Weptas Brockie, Ian Conn, Selena Ellison, Alex Fella, Lylah Hart, Oscar Huesties, Kael Kennedy, Elijah Lowe, Jubilee Morrison, Lillian Noble, Colson Primus, Nerik Rivera, Jackson Rohde, Kacie Rondo, Aubrie Wadlington, Tyler Wallace, Solomon Willis, and Landon Willman.

Seventh Grade: Josie Allen, Siddalee Baker, Melanie Boatman, Owen Burt, Chloe Chay, Derek Draper, Paige Erickson, Rylee Etchamendy, Tori Farrell, Maryssa Hayes, Ashtyn Larsen, Nolan Mead, Brianna Corona-Rodriguez, Ashley Sieders, Claire Stratton, Isabelle Sullivan, Rylee Turk, Alex Tinoco-Arizaga, Kenny Wolfe, and Jhonny Zhang.

Eighth Grade: Maria Alvarez-Barroso, Rebecca Bearchum, Natalie Bentley, Thomas Carlos, Analie Carnes, Chas Corbett, Andrew Demianew, Bekah Edmonds, Roody Eichholz, Olivia Elrod, Charlie Franklin, Dylan Gomez, Diamond Greene, Veronica Grimes, Richard Huesties, Tegan Lentz, Paegen Kang, Raymond Kiona, Sasha Kovalak, Robert Maker, Ellie Monkman, Layla Niemeier, Katelyn Pace, Sidney Quezada, ,tormie Richmond, Caddie Jack Rueber, Baylie Santana, Olivia Schrader, Cooper Simmons, Demi Sorenson, Liliana Sosa, Myranda Spicknall, Searra Strong, Abby Thorne, Ron Train, Scott Train, Damian Vaquero, Kendall West, and Elsie Zaugg.

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