PENDLETON - Inland Northwest Musicians have planned a fund-raising dinner and auction for Saturday, June 5 at the Pendleton Country Club.

Theme for the dinner is Fire and Ice.

"Music is emotional and has the ability to create goosebumps," said Sue Friese, chairman of the decorating committee. "Music elicits emotion. Music makes us want to dance or sing. Sometimes we get a melody in our heads that stays for days and we call that the power of music that is Fire and Ice."

INWM are asking for donations from area businesses and individuals. Area businesses are asked to call the symphony office, 966-6649, with auction donations. Auction items may be services or gift items that are representative of the business. Businesses will be credited with the donation in the printed program and will be identified with the displayed auction item.

Some items will be by voice auction by auctioneer Sandy Gross of Hermiston, whom Phil Hector, chairman of the dinner/auction committee, described as a fun auctioneer.

"He describes items and carefully seeks bids and encourages friendly competition between bidders," Hector said. "He gently nudges the bidders yet creates a relaxed atmosphere and establishes a fun evening."

Committee member Steven Knight of Banner Bank in Hermiston will seek donations in the Hermiston area. He said he sees value in the increasing presence of INWM in the communities.

Conductor R. Lee Friese said, "Pride in community is generated when a performance is well-attended in a community and the audience experiences first hand the Fire and Ice of music."

Willow Creek Symphony and Singers rehearse in Heppner and are part of the INWM program. The Inland Northwest Musicians symphony orchestras have performed in 31 communities around Oregon and southeast Washington. The organization hopes to involve members of those communities.

Donors may also purchase dinner tables for eight and invite guests of their choosing.

"Asking friends to dinner is good and asking them to bring their checkbooks is another bonus for Inland Northwest!" said president Delanne Ferguson, Pendleton. Information on dinner reservations may be made by calling INWM at 966-6649.


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