I would like to sincerely thank the following friends, family and sponsors who made contributions and donations for my trip to Spain on the 2004 World Sports International Golf Team.

Coach Corey Ashbeck, Echo High Golf Team; Echo Hills Golf Course, Randy Sperr; Echo Quarterback Club; Lariat Seed Co.; Purple Pub, Cy Haskett; McFarlanes Cafe, Shelly and Scott McFarlane; H. W.C. Inc., Desert Falls Golf and Country Club; H.J.N. Noble Arena, Harry and Helen Noble; Snow Ranches; Mills Farms; Belyea Trucking - David, Jerita, and Jesse Belyea; Madison Farms, Kent and Shannon Madison; Spike Ranches, Jeff and Cindy Spike; Buckin Roll Ranches, Sid and Randy Britt; Sid Britt Plantation Harvesting; Styling Arena, Shown Massey; Country Animal Hospital, Doc Burgess; Red Apple ( Umatilla) David and Julie Mead; G and J Custom Guns, Gene and Jeanie Hampton; Freds Melon Stand, Robin and Debbie Dickenson; Custom Leather Works, Dan and Jody Clifton; Smarties Family Clothing Outlet, Wambeke family; Desert Springs Bottled Water, Brad and Tammie Williams; C and D Air Filters, Don and Cindy Goff; Umatilla County Bridge Crew; Pendleton Grain Growers; LaGrande Faith Center; Tom Denchell Ford; Dority Auto Sales; 60 Min. Photo; Thompson R.V.; City of Echo; Les Schwab Tires; Bud Rich Potatoes; Stanfield Moose Lodge; Hodgens Distributing; Don Mills; Bob and Janie Bally; Harold Liesegang; Mrs. Jerry Keely; Terri Peterson; Gary and Ginger Seibel; Norm and Bev Stewart; Calvin Ashbeck; Brian and Kim Schwab; Mike and Marsha Flemmer; Jim and Betty Clifton; Tom and Kayla Skultety; Bob and Sheryl Mason; Jeff Forbes; Bill and Glenda Mespelt; Rich and Lindy Snow and family; Miss Lori Martin; Brok and Janet Tucker; Walt, Faith, and Aunt Carole Steagall; Rocky, Michelle and Hannah Steagall; Larry and Jeannie Greiss; Bob and Linda McRae and family; Fred and Robin Dormaier; DeWayne and Harlene Rodgers; Alligator Angus; Aunt Helen Mulkey; Pearl Forth; Mrs. Shannon Phillips.

Shane Clifton



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