"I Spy" is a modern adaptation of the '70s TV series of the same name.

The name of the film is about all this movie and its predecessor have in common. It's true - I was only a very little girl when I'd catch re-runs of the original on TV - but I don't remember the two main characters being this "silly."

Alex and Kelly portrayed by Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy are sent by our president to save the world from a money hungry arms' dealer. The international gangster has stolen a top-secret airplane from the United States, and it's up to Alex and Kelly to retrieve it. Of course, this is not done with any seriousness whatsoever.

There's an overabundance of sarcasm, slapstick and Eddie Murphy's signature fast-talking style of comedy. Owen Wilson, is also true to his own style of acting, playing a bumbling, yet lovable character.

You do wonder, however, how this man ever got to be a "special agent." He seems to cause more trouble than he solves.

This film is funny, but it is also "ridiculous." Save it for video night, or when it premieres on "pay-per-view."


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