Recently while shopping I lost my wallet. It was not until the next morning that I discovered it was missing. After searching the house and car to see if it had fallen out of my purse, I drove to town and started checking stores I had been to the day before.

I went to Wal-Mart’s lost and found and gave them my name and a description of my wallet. But I had some serious doubts that anyone would turn it in. I was wrong! Some kind honest person had found it and turned it in to lost and found.

Words can’t begin to describe how relieved I am. Unfortunately, I do not have any way to contact and thank this “angel.” I can only hope they read this and see my thank you.

There are honest people in this world. But sadly we only seem to hear about the ones who are not. Merry Christmas to this person and thank you for helping to make mine a whole lot happier.

Beverly Stoddard


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