ATHENA — The Athena Civic Memorial Association recently announced grant awards for the year ending May 31, 2019.

The association was established in 1957 as a means to honor community charitable giving. Each year, the directors review and distribute grants for further education to Weston McEwen High School graduates. This year, grants were given to Katie Vescio, Bryce Thul, Jordyn Lambert, Lawson Denny, Alexis Verkist, Brittany McGill, Patton Wright, Mathew Shafer, Erykah Barahona, Ashley Swafford and Noah Kelly. Also grants were awarded to the Athena Public Library and the Athena Caledonian Games.

Memorials were received from a number of people in memory of deceased individuals during the year: Lyle Bjorklund, Franci Hansell, Karen Montee, Belva Froese, George Vorhauer, Jim Crofton, Allison Faircloth, Cathy McDonald, Virginia Tubbs, Woody Hansell, Lelan O’Harra and God’s Little Angels.

Large and small donations can be given to the association at any time of the year. Bill Dudley, a 1934 Athena High School graduate, was a major benefactor to the association.

The Blue Mountain Community Foundation handles the association’s money with earnings from the principal disbursed as grants. Board members include Judy Weidert, Molly Betts, Ken Bjorklund, Kendal Zerba, McKenzie Hansell, Elvin Taylor and James Zerba.

Gifts to the Athena Civic Memorial Association are tax-exempt and can be mailed to Athena Civic Memorial Association, P.O. Box 12, Athena, OR 97813.

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