The Education Foundation of Pendleton recently announced it awarded $11,500 in grants to Pendleton School District teachers. The awards include:

•In the spring, sixth grade social studies students will be connected with a Native American educator who will share contemporary, relevant, and living history as a component of their curriculum. Social studies teachers Chris Demianew and John Summerfield are coordinating the activity. The $1,500 award covers three days of instruction and workshop time.

•On April 26, approximately 12 upperclass students from Nixyaawii Community School will depart for Portland. During the trip, they will visit Lewis and Clark College, the Portland Art Institute and the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts or the Portland Art Museum. In addition, they will attend TEDx Talks. Teachers Zack Brandsen and Chelsea Hallam will accompany the students. An award of $2,790 will help cover event tickets, hotel and food costs.

•Between February and June, Pendleton High School art teacher Alice Thomas is accompanying students as they visit exhibits at Betty Feves Memorial Gallery and Pendleton Center for the Arts. Approximately 100 students from six different art classes are expected to participate. Students will write evaluations/reflections for each visit. The $860 award covers transportation and art class expenses.

•On May 17, 40 PHS students in the ASPIRE/School to Careers programs will attend the Oregon Tradeswomen Association’s annual Career Fair. It exposes students to opportunities in the trades and promotes supporting inclusion of females in non-traditional career fields. Jill Gregg, ASPIRE coordinator, and Christina van der Kamp, School to Careers program coordinator, said the popular opportunity activity features speakers, workshops, hands-on activities, and employer and college booths. The $1,300 grant covers lunch and transportation costs to Portland.

•This is the 23rd year Schelle Hand Bixler will accompany Honors Biology II students to the Oregon coast. She expects 77 seniors will attend during two separate field trips. The fun and educational trip includes coastal exploration and several activities with working biologists. The $3,640 award will help cover transportation, hotel and tour fees.

Jill Gregg organized a May 18-19 college tour to the Willamette Valley. Students will visit two universities and two community colleges. They will attend information sessions, meet with admission counselors and take campus tours. Four chaperones and 42 students (with ASPIRE providing funding for 28) will participate. ASPIRE coordinated with Education Credit Management Corp. to pay transportation costs. The $1,410 grant is for hotel and meals.

The nonprofit foundation seeks to provide educational enrichment opportunities for students in the district. For more information, contact Terri Taber at or visit

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