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The 25th edition of the Eastern Oregon Science Journal, published at Eastern Oregon University, received recognition by the American Scholastic Press Association.

LA GRANDE — The American Scholastic Press Association gave high marks to the 25th edition of the Eastern Oregon Science Journal.

The 2017-19 edition of the Science Journal, published last spring by student editorial staff, placed first and was recognized with special merit and outstanding theme. The publication included contributions from students in EOU’s biochemistry, biology, mathematics and physics departments. Editor-in-Chief Carissa Cummings said she had a great experience putting the issue together.

“The Eastern Oregon Science Journal and the Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal are two of the best things that EOU has to offer students,” Cummings said. “It is important that students’ hard work is recognized and that they have a place for their research to live on in these journals.”

Since 1983, EOU has been producing the EOSJ, giving students in STEM fields a chance to have their original work published in a professional venue. In 2014, the journal began accepting contributions from a wider range of departments, including anthropology/sociology, business, English/writing, history and economics. This new branch became the Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal and enabled even more students to produce and submit written work to a professional journal.

The third edition (2018-20) of the EOSSJ is anticipated to be released this spring. Articles will include original contributions from economics, anthropology and interdisciplinary studies.

Both journals are partially supported through student allocations, but philanthropic donations allow the journals to thrive. Online donations are accepted at For questions, contact Cummings at

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