After 26 years working in the Civil Division of the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office, Sgt. Linda Heintz called it a day.

Recently, Umatilla County Sheriff John Trumbo presented Heintz with a plaque for her service at a gathering in her honor.

Heintz started her career there on Sept. 14, 1981, as a clerk and bookkeeper. Longtime Civil Division Commander Sgt. Lillyan Wyman was her supervisor.

Wyman was without a doubt the most experienced, knowledgeable civil deputy of her time in the state of Oregon," Trumbo said. "Fortunately for us, Linda was able to glean much of that knowledge from Lillyan and bring it forth to enhance her career."

Heintz developed her own quiet and calm style of supervision, and while the Civil Division's workload has increased over the years, Heintz has taken that in stride, rarely asking for additional help.

"I think it's safe to say the work load being done by Linda and Barb Perry was spectacular," Trumbo said.

Every two years, however, the department anticipated some changes in civil law. Heintz was always the "go-to" person because she always kept up to date on those changes regardless of how minor they might have seemed. Oregon State statute mandates the sheriff of each county has to maintain a Civil Division for the courts and citizens of that county.

"This is a huge responsibility," Trumbo said, "one that was much easier managed with Sgt. Linda Heintz as the captain of the ship."

Trumbo said Heintz the person and Heintz "the expert in everything associated with the Civil Division" will be greatly missed.

Trumbo asked rhetorically how best to thank Heintz for her 26 years of service to the citizens of Umatilla County.

"Knowing Linda the way I do," he said, "I think a simple 'Thank you' will do just fine."

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