The Umatilla County Historical Society recently purchased a new LED sign for Heritage Station Museum in Pendleton.

The Umatilla County Historical Society recently installed a new sign with money raised by local donors and Travel Oregon.

The new LED sign at Heritage Station Museum in Pendleton was paid for through generous donations from local businesses and organizations and through a $10,000 grant from the Travel Oregon small competitive grant program. This grant was written by Nick Nash, community development coordinator at Eastern Oregon Business Source.

The sign was created and installed by Sign Men, a local sign shop. The LED sign was chosen because their displays are among the most effective advertising displays on the market, Nash said.

In addition to being 30 percent more effective than traditional static signs, LED signs also allow a variety of messages to be displayed. Instead of one sign, an LED sign becomes an endless number of different signs.

The LED sign will increase the visibility of the Heritage Station Museum, which has two major exhibits opening in the next year. The Umatilla County Historical Society also hopes to use the sign for cross promotion, to strengthen existing relationships, and to build new ones.

Local businesses and organizations that contributed to the project include Pendleton Round-Up Foundation, CHI-St. Anthony Hospital, Barhyte Specialty Foods, Cockburn & McClintock LLC, Happy Canyon Foundation, McCormack Construction, RDO Equipment Company, Wheatland Insurance, Swire Coca Cola, The Speakeasy Salon & Boutique, State Farm Insurance-Dan Ceniga and Renata Anderson MA.

Heritage Station Museum is located at 108 S.W. Frazer Ave. Pendleton. For more information, call 541-276-0012 or visit

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