Because of the outstanding teachers in Kirk Liscom‘s life — he has amazing opportunities ahead of him. A heartfelt thank you to:

My parents, aunts and uncles who have over 230 years of combined service to our country and to their communities as educators. They taught all of us Smith kids about honesty, integrity, and the honor of public service.

Yolanda, Mare-Mare and Mrs. Nitz for providing safe early learning environments.

Teachers Yoshioka, Levy and Christensen for teaching him to read.

Coaches Davis, Phillips, Linehan and Armstrong for teaching him about leadership, teamwork and strength. Through football they taught Kirk that everyone in a system must accept and fulfill his role if that system is to have any chance of success.

Teachers Oja, Jones, Bixler and Cooper for Kirk’s instruction in math and science and exciting his curiosity to learn more.

Mrs. Youngman for meeting “Thomas” at the door every day and challenging his mind with her quick paced lessons and high expectations.

Kelly, Pam, Becky, Barb and Kimi for being a substitute mom during each school year.

The Goodwins, Pitzers, Soreys, Demianews, Bakers, Porters, Simpsons, Rosenbergs and Cooleys for making Kirk family. They taught him about the rewards of hard work, the fun of horsemanship, and the ups and downs of farming.

My brothers for demonstrating unending family love and honor in caring for our aging parent.

Kirk’s dad, his first, most important teacher who spent hours and hours building, fixing, working, hunting and playing with him.

Love, Kirk’s mom,

Shelley Liscom, Pendleton

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