The Pendleton Home School team of Seth Case, Kodria Haddock, Carew Haug and Haval Norman took first place in this year's MathCounts competition held Feb. 10 at Blue Mountain Community College.

Second place honors went to the Sunridge Middle School team of Andrew Justice, Scott Newman, Paige Perilli and Marika Sitz.

Third place was won by the Elgin Middle School's Hailey Van Arsdale, Vernonica Lathrop, Andrew Naughton and Emily Hardy. Echo Middle School's team of Jonny Pedro, Courtney Howard, Kirsten McCallum and Taylor Tarwin took fourth place.

In the individual score category, Haug was highest with 28. Other individual high scores were recorded by Norman, Case, Haddock, Perilli, Newman, Sitz, Jessica Bottger of Elgin, Lauren Harshman of Pendleton Home School and Travis Bannister of Sunridge.

The Pendleton Home School Association team received T-shirts and a plaque. The top team is getting ready to compete at the state competition on March 10 in Corvallis, however it will be one team member short. Carew Haug left two days after the competition for China.

The PHSA team did have alternates, and one of them, Harshman, will step up to the first team. Also serving as alternates for the team are Peter Case of Helix and Benjamin Haddock of Pilot Rock.

"I'm glad that we're going to state," Kodria Haddock said. "But I'm sort of sad that I won't be able to participate next year." The competition is limited to sixth through eighth grade students. In addition to Haddock, Seth Case and Haug have competed for the final time.

"Next year, I will still be rooting for PHSA," Kodria said.

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