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The Rivoli Theater project recently received a $2,500 grant from Pendleton Foundation Trust.

PENDLETON — A $2,500 grant from the Pendleton Foundation Trust will help pay for completion of phase one construction of the Rivoli Theater project. The grant was written by Nick Nash of Eastern Oregon Business Source.

Andrew Picken, Rivoli Coalition board president, said the first phase includes skilled demolition (which was recently completed) steel and concrete. The coalition, Picken said, is in the process of raising required funds to complete the steel and concrete portion of phase one construction.

Founded in 2010, the Rivoli Coalition’s mission is to turn the theater into the Pacific Northwest’s premiere showcase for excellence in arts, information and entertainment. While working toward this goal, Picken said the coalition has acquired the property title for the building, replaced the roof surface, removed two 400-gallon oil tanks, removed a 1,000-cubic-foot basement furnace, restored the Main Street facade, completed a detailed structural assessment, removed asbestos, completed a preliminary architectural evaluation, painted the lobby, completed electrical servicing, developed a strategic plan, completed basement subsoil excavations, conducted an archaeological dig — with assistance from Eastern Oregon University faculty — and recently completed the first part of phase one construction. In support of the work, the coalition has raised more than $650,000.

A nonprofit organization, the Pendleton Foundation Trust was founded in 1928. Its purpose is to assist, encourage and promote the well-being of residents in Pendleton. Gifts to the trust are tax-exempt. For more information, visit

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