Mark Henjum, wildlife biologist for the Umatilla National Forest was recognized March 6, at the 2009 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Conservation Partners Reception in Fort Worth, Texas for his contributions toward furthering partnerships between Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Forest Service.

Henjum received the Elk Country Award in Partnership Achievement for his years of dedication to partnership and coordination on the Blue Mountains Elk Initiative (BMEI).

The area served by BMEI encompasses 19 million acres within the Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon and southeast Washington, and includes the Wallowa-Whitman, Uma- tilla, Ochoco and Malheur National Forests.

"For the past six years Mark has served as coordinator of the Blue Mountains Elk Initiative in addition to his full-time position as forest wildlife biologist," said Forest Supervisor Kevin Martin.

"Mark has been instrumental in educating and informing people about elk management issues, bringing together stakeholders and cooperators from both States and creatively generating funding from a variety of sources for elk management in the Blue Mountains," Martin said.

As a member of the Oregon and Washington Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Project Advisory Committees, Henjum is an advocate for elk management in the Blue Mountains. He presents an average of 20 proposals from the Blue Mountains to the Washington and Oregon advisory committees.

Henjum first served in the coordinator role while on staff with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife before coming to the Umatilla National Forest in 2007.

"Mark is also known for providing help, advice and encouragement on a wide variety of projects including winter range thinning, road management to reduce disturbance, prescribed burns, meadow restoration, elk winter range restoration, forage enhancement, aspen restoration and many other projects," Martin added. "We are really proud of him and his accomplishments."

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