Pendleton High School has produced 34 state acting champions over the years, and now people can see the next crop of thespians who will be heading to West Linn to compete this year in the regional competition. The state competition is then held in April.

The State Acting Showcase will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday at the Pendleton High School auditorium. Admission is $6. The Tuesday show repeats on Thursday, and if you love it and want to see it again, the $6 admission covers both nights.

The admission goes to a good cause. It helps the students cover the cost of the trip to West Linn. In the meantime, audience exposure helps the students hone their performances.

Acting teacher John Remington said that the state is divided into three regions, with Pendleton being put in the most competitive one. Other top schools in this region are Gresham, Grant and Centennial high schools.

The performers in the State Acting Showcase are Aaron Bennett, Lacey Nolan, Kory Smith, Jordan Leonard, Jennifer O'Grady, Cody Moore, Megan Gear, Kyra Davis, Heather Scheeler, Alex Lasher, Jennifer Tucker, Jessica Moran, Katelyn Norris, Megan Howland and Camille Devine.

"This is the best experience," Remington said of the actors appearing before an audience. "It's far more effective than any classroom as the ultimate purpose in acting is to tell a story in front of an audience."

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