Still young after 40 years

The Pendleton High School class of 1967 held its 40th reunion Oct. 5-6. See the story for the complete list of names. <i>Contributed photo</i>

The Pendleton High School class of 1967 had a great 40th reunion the first weekend of October. In addition to partying, they posed for a photo in the Round-Up Grounds.

Standing is Betty Biggerstaff Stuber. In the first row are Diana Tally Payant, Nila Wimmer, Nancy Stoneman Jobes, John Davis, Roger Rada, Sid Spurgeon, Sharon Shiffer Nauyokas, Kathy Doyle Gardenhire, Art Bohms, Ann Michael Schiene, Vickie Brown Powell, Greg Smith, Cleo Caldwell Scribner, Jan Davis Bauer, Harlan Haynie, Bill Reiman and Jim Lieuallen.

In the second row are Pat Dumbeck Turpen, Sally Schippers Fitch, Loretta King, Sandee Swanson Morris, Bill Perkins, Steve Mohrland, Gary Stephens, Tom Rodriguez, Kae Baity Ellis, Colleen Cargill Burns, Greg Royal, Jeanne Selover King and Mike King.

In the third row are Peggy Jones Smith, Linda Ewing Carr, Annette Peterson Skinner, Mary Ella Johnson, Kathi Purchase McElroy, Sharlyn Brown Briggs, Reita McLean Hamilton, Bonnie Luster O'Hara, Debbi Ogle McGuire, Bruce Barham, John Larson, Gregg Lockwood and Marjorie Sussman Iburg.

The fourth row contains Curt Wyrick, Kay Smith Riker, Kearney Lemkau, Elaine Alkio Hachler, Frank Kinnaman, David Franks, Toni Enbysk McDougall, Tedde White Holcomb, Linda Levy Carter, Janet Gemmell Christie, Linda Glennie Bush, Barbara Watson Eisenhart, Loreen Goebel Snider, Jim Loiland and David Gasch.

Mary Thompson Rabb, Phil Rabb, Bob Foster, Phil Hodgen, Jim Persinger, Rick Vogel, Joe McDonald, Gary Smith, Mike Budde, Laura Knapp Piliaris and Warren Sanders are in the fifth row.

In the top row are Drake Lemm, Gary Snowberger, Julie Peterson Brunner, Lynn Ashcroft, Alan Barney, Ed Wells, Tim Joder, Phyllis Thornburg Barham and Chris Warner Swenson.

Graduates not pictured are Linda Bartron Butler, Gail Chapman Lewis, Janet Cappiello Hasenkamp, Sharon Cook Graham, Dale Harsin, David Gallaher, Steve King, Val Livingston, Carol Nunamaker Johnson, Bill Perkins, Susan Shea Self, Darrell Simpson and Kay Spiekerman Eason.

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