On behalf of Karin and myself I would like to thank a number of folks who over the past few years had been extremely helpful to Karin, who passed away the 28th of June 2017. The following accolades are not in any specific order.

Thank you to the fire department and the paramedics who came to the house a number of times to stabilized Karin when she was having heart issues and transported her to St. Anthony Hospital.

To the nurses, doctors and staff at both St. Anthony and Kadlec Medical Center for the care she received in the emergency room and from the nurses and staff after she was admitted, numerous times.

To the teams of Life Flight, who flew Karin to Kadlec many times, and especially to the Life Flight nurse, on the first transport, who called the hospital later that night to follow up and see how she was doing. This was above and beyond the call of duty and brought a smile to Karin.

To her doctors, both cardiologist and general practitioner, for doing their best to keep her in fairly good health and by doing so extended her life by many years. And especially to her general practitioner who came to the house, because Karin could not make it to the office as required by Medicare within the last 30 days, in order to get help from Home Health Hospice.

To Clearview MDRC who made it possible, at no cost to us, to have a hospital bed delivered and set up that made it easier to care for Karin and more comfortable for her.

To her friend who gave up most of the day at work to come to the house and assist the Home Health Hospice nurse with cleaning up caring for her.

And lastly, but not least, to the staff and nurses at Home Health Hospice who came to the house, daily, to make sure Karin was comfortable and tried their best to ease her pain, and followed up with me after Karin’s passing to make sure I was doing OK.

Karin is no longer in pain and I thank you all again on both of our behalfs.

Tommy Lee Kreshon


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