Women in faith unite as friends

<p>Ruth Hall, Virginia Storey, Barbara Clarke and Jackie Downie were featured presenters during the July 19 Friends of Faith gathering in Pendleton.</p>

Nearly 50 women representing different churches met in the Pendleton First Presbyterian Church’s Rogers Fellowship Room to celebrate the annual Friends of Faith gathering.

The July 19 event included a program moderated by Virginia Storey, which emphasized the spirit of unity underlying many belief systems across the world, present and past. Also, women’s roles towards peace was a universal theme in the presentations.

During the meeting, copies of the music and lyrics for “No More War” was available and those present sang with accompaniment by Cindy Powell on the guitar.

Barbara Clark, who recently returned from a visit to Israel, spoke about the urgent desire for peace by people on both sides of the conflict there. She also read the Golden Rules from five different belief systems through time.

Jackie Downie facilitated heart memories through remembrance of fragrances associated with life experiences, such as her grandmother’s cherry pie baking. Her heartfelt sharing encouraged people to think about the value of precious times that all people should and could experience in a peaceful world.

Ruth Hall spoke about the strength and tenacity in the early days of the emancipation of women. She also shared about the oppressive regime of Iran’s ruling clergy in the matter of minority human rights, explaining that many of these rights — including right to own property, to have a bank account or own a business, to have an identity card or go to school — are denied. She concluded with a short description of the one-world commonwealth of nations envisioned in Baha’i teachings.

For more information about Friends of Faith, contact Hall at jr1844@gmail.com or 541-276-1868.

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