Sierra Breeding, 16, received first in the artist’s choice award during the 2019 ArtWORKz Junior Art Show & Competition at Tamastslikt Cultural Institute.

Participants in the 2019 ArtWORKz Junior Art Show & Competition at Tamástslikt Cultural Institute chose Sierra Breeding as the winner of the artist’s choice award.

The 16-year-old’s entry was titled “Star.” She also won the Grand Prize in her age division. Second place went to Nevaeh Thew, 13, for “Love for Animals.” Also, Alexandra Cox, 17, won Best Emerging Artist.

Other top honors in the 15-18 age group went to Latis Nowland, 15, who received an Award of Excellence; and Phineas Barker, 16, received the Award of Merit.

In the 11-14 year old category, Zephyrus Barker, 14, was the Grand Prize winner; Allison Newton, 13, received the Award of Excellence; and Elijah Bearchum, 13, received the Award of Merit.

The 10 and under winners were Azzy Harris, 10, Grand Prize; Ella Carpenter, 8, Award of Excellence; and Ruby Sams, 5, Award of Merit.

The art show featured youths from across the region. Nearly 100 people were on hand to applaud their efforts during the March 9 award presentation, which was sponsored by Les Schwab Tire Center.

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