PENDLETON — The following felony sentences have been imposed in Umatilla County courts:


•Javier Francisco Vigil, 48, Pendleton, pleaded no contest to Burglary II: sentenced to 20 months Oregon Dept. of Corrections (DOC), 1 year post-prison supervision, $200 fine and restitution to be determined; pleaded guilty to Driving While Suspended/Revoked: sentenced to $1,000 fine.


•Joseph Earl Dupuis, 48, Hermiston, pleaded guilty to Possession of Methamphetamine: sentenced to 180 days jail-suspended, 18 months probation, 90 sanction units, 30 maximum jail units, 80 hours community service, $500 fine and $1,000 fine-suspended.

•Timothy Patrick Curtis, 39, Hermiston, pleaded guilty to Recklessly Endangering Another Person: sentenced to 180 days jail-suspended, 4 years probation and $100 fine.

•Lance William Evans, 49, Hermiston, was convicted of Interfering With Peace/Parole/Probation Officer: sentenced to 60 days jail, 120 days jail-suspended, 2 years probation and 40 hours community service; was convicted of Harassment: sentenced to 90 days jail-suspended and 2 years probation.

Suits Filed

PENDLETON — The following suits have been filed in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Ally Financial Inc. vs. Cecelia C. Muniz and Clifford B. Stanger: seek $7,810.41.

•Ricky F. and Paula W. Anderson, and Kami and Carter Willis vs. Carla Windham of Pendleton: seeks $947,895.

•Tab Burke of Hermiston vs. OSP Fish and Wildlife Division and John D. Gardner of Hermiston: seeks $2,000.

•Stephen Lee Brown of Umatilla (TRCI) vs. State of Oregon: seeks $265.

•Michael J. and Ilana Hernandez of Kennewick, Wash., vs. Walmart Inc.: seeks $553,000.

•Mitchell Myers of Hermiston vs. Angela D. Todd of Hermiston: seeks $1,200.

•A-1 Industrial Supply LLC of Hermiston vs. Truck Enterprises of Fontana, Calif.: seeks $4,337.35.

•Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Daniel Valdovino of Hermiston: seeks $1,402.82.

•Nationwide Recovery Service Inc. vs. Ashley Zegers of Hermiston: seeks $5,411.86.

•Nationwide Recovery Service Inc. vs. Austin W. Taylor of Pendleton: seeks $3,881.30.

•Credits Inc. vs. Jorge Jimenez and 3 Jay’s Transport LLC of Pasco, Wash.: seeks $967.44.

•Credits Inc. vs. Alyssa J. Hendren of Irrigon: seeks $3,202.06.

•Ray Klein Inc. dba Professional Credit Service vs. Ellyn P. Clausen of Hermiston: seeks $377.45.

•Credits Inc. vs. Cheri Rosenberg of Pendleton: seeks $1,429.40.{/div}


PENDLETON — The following judgments have been rendered in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Quick Collect Inc. vs. Hanna Quick of Hermiston: judgment for $369.78.

•Discover Bank vs. Roger L. Reedy of Pendleton: judgment for $2,084.66.

•Discover Bank vs. Richard R. Ayers of Hermiston: judgment for $2,434.97.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Casey Landis of Pilot Rock: judgment for $1,166.71.

•OneMain Financial Group LLC vs. Ernesto Rodriguez: judgment for $2,355.94.

•Capital One Bank vs. Kathleen Simmons of Pendleton: judgment for $1,807.66.

•Collection Bureau of Walla Walla vs. Clint J. Walters of Pendleton: judgment for $18,144.28.

•Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. vs. Felicety Boodt of Pendleton: judgment for $796.24.

•Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. vs. Kacie Hemphill of Pendleton: judgment for $1,841.87.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Amber Stallings of Milton-Freewater: judgment for $1,415.09.

•Ray Klein Inc. vs. Kerry Miller of Pendleton: judgment for $434.64.

•Quick Collect Inc. vs. Leticia Ibarra of Hermiston: judgment for $1,506.10.

•Evergreen Financial Services Inc. vs. Daniel and Chela Navejar of Hermiston: judgment for $283.11.

•CSO Financial Inc. vs. Brenda Lee Lundquist of Pendleton: judgment for $907.24.


PENDLETON — Divorce decrees were signed in Umatilla County Courts for:

Manuel Escalante of Umatilla and Maria Blanca Muniz of Eltopia, Wash.; Roxana Diane Lieberg Jordheim of Hermiston and John Gerald Jones of Keizer; Mark L. Hickey of Hermiston and Jinnan Wu; Dustin D. Miller and Meloney J. Miller of Hermiston; Bonny Lee Tuller of Pendleton and Kevin Neal Strampher Jr. of Bend; Larry Alan Badoux of Hermiston and Rebecca Christine Badoux of Pasco, Wash.; Tanna M. King and James R. King of Athena.


PENDLETON — Marriage licenses have been registered in Umatilla County for:

Froylan Tena Calderon, 37, and Anjelica Orozco, 33, both of Hermiston.

Emmitt Roy Skeen, 25, andJessica Rae Chavez, 33, both of Boardman.

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