Events on Wednesday and Thursday will be held at the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center, 1705 E. Airport Rd. in Hermiston. Friday classes will be held at the OSU-HAREC/BMCC Precision Irrigated Agricultural Facility at 2121 S. First St., Hermiston.



Moderator: Sagar Sathuvalli, Oregon State University

8:00 Nutrient Uptake in Potato Production Systems Receiving Dairy Manure Applications — Amber Moore, OSU

8:30 Disease Resistance Genes in Potato: What Are They, and How Do They Work — Kelly Vining, OSU

9:00 Pathogens You Should Worry About in Your Seed Potatoes — Ken Frost, OSU

9:30 Research Update from Oregon Potato Breeding and Variety Development Program — Sagar Sathuvalli, OSU

9:45 Updates from the HAREC Interim Director — Clive Kaiser, OSU

10:00 Break

10:30 Evaluation of Nitrogen Requirement for Different Potato Varieties in the

Columbia Basin — Ray Qin, OSU

11:00 Fusarium Dry Rot Management in the Pacific Northwest — Kasia Duellman, U of I

11:30 Current Status of Sprout Inhibitors in Potato — Brian Winn, 14Group

12:00 Session Ends


Moderator — Scott Lukas, Oregon State University

8:00 Managing Arthropods in a “New” Crop in Oregon — Silvia Rondon, OSU

8:30 Agronomics of Hemp Production — Valtcho Jeliazkov, OSU

9:00 Update on Oregon in the World of Hemp — Jay Noller, OSU

9:30 How Can OSU Help You? Research Needs Assessment of Regional Hemp Producers — Scott Lukas, OSU

10:00 Break

10:30 Diseases Observed in Oregon Hemp in 2019 — Ken Frost, OSU

11:00 ODA and Hemp — How Hemp is Regulated By The ODA — Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going — Gary McAninch, ODA

11:30 Pollen Exclusion in Hemp For Oil Production and Hemp Research at Colorado State University — Brian Mitchell, Colorado State University

12:00 Session Ends


Moderator — Sagar Sathuvalli, Oregon State University

1:00 Sensing Technologies for Phenotyping Applications in Potato Breeding and Production — Sindhuja Sankaran, WSU

1:30 Elimination of Tobacco Rattle Virus from Viruliferous Paratrichodorus allius in Greenhouse Pot Experiments Through Cultivation of Castle Russet — Max Feldman, USDA

2:00 Impacts of Fumigants and Soil-Applied Pesticides on the Soil Microbial Community — Xiaoping Li and Ken Frost, OSU

2:30 Exploring Genes with the Potential to Help Out with the PVY Problem — Max Combest and Aymeric Goyer, OSU

3:00 Break

3:30 Overview of Lygus Research at the OSU Irrigated Agricultural Entomology Program — Govinda Shrestha and Silvia Rondon, OSU

4:00 Pesticide Resistance Management: Over 15 Years Working with the Potato Industry in OR and WA — Silvia Rondon, OSU

4:30 Potato Nematode Management and Alternative to Fumigants — Russ Ingham, OSU

5:00 Session Ends



Moderator — Ray Qin, Oregon State University

8:00 Genetic Resistance to Wheat Diseases: Complexity and Opportunities — Chris Mundt, OSU

8:30 Dairy Manure Applications in Irrigated Wheat Production — Amber Moore, OSU

9:00 Herbicide-Resistant Weeds and Their Management — Judit Barroso, OSU

9:30 Developing Varieties for Improved Weed Management in Wheat — Robert Zemetra, OSU

10:00 Break

10:30 Barley Project Update — Daniela Carrijo, OSU

11:00 Soilborne Wheat Mosaic Virus: Strategies for Avoiding Yield Loss — Christina Hagerty, OSU

11:30 Wheat Industry Update 2019 — Tyler J. Hansell, Oregon Wheat Growers League

12:00 Session Ends

CORE PROGRAM — Room 2 (Fee $20.00)

Moderator — Scott Lukas, Oregon State University

8:00 Worker Protection Standard. What Does Compliance Look Like? — Kaci Buhl, OSU PSEP

9:00 Lessons Learned / Case Review and Updates — Mike Odenthal, ODA

10:00 ODA Updates: C &T Rule Changes, License Renewal Reminders — Laurie Gordon, ODA

11:00 What to Expect When the WSDA Comes A-Knocking ... and Other Paranormal Events — Tom Hoffmann, WSDA

12:00 Session Ends


Moderator — Angie Treadwell, Oregon State University

8:00 Farm to School: Connecting Local Farms, Schools and Communities — Angie Treadwell, OSU, SNAP-Ed and Jordan Bryant, Gorge Grown Food Network

10:00 Break


Moderator — Ken Frost, Oregon State University

1:00 Where we are with FSMA and the Produce Safety Rule — Stuart Reitz, OSU

1:30 Grass Seed Update and Weed Management — Andy Hulting, OSU

2:00 Soil Biology and Soil Organic Matter; What do Recent Discoveries Mean for Soil Management — Andy McGuire, WSU

3:00 Break

3:30 Epidemiology and Management of Ergot in Grass Seed Production — Jeremiah Dung, OSU

4:00 Cover Crop Considerations for Your Rotation — Clare Sullivan, OSU

4:30 Cover Crops in Hops — Sarah Del Moro, Blelyhl Co-op

5:00 Session Ends


Moderator — Ray Qin, Oregon State University

1:00 Nitrogen Management in Wheat Production — Aaron Esser, WSU

1:30 Health Soils and Crop Production Observations — Paul Carter, WSU

2:00 Mapping Nitrogen Uptake Using on-the-go Sensors and Remote Sensing Imagery — Haiying Tao, WSU

2:30 Update on Cereal Varieties for North Central Oregon— Ryan Graebner, OSU

3:00 Break

3:30 Agronomic Practices for Cereal Cropping Systems — Ray Qin, OSU

4:00 Limagrain Cereal Seeds: Breeding Wheat for the PNW — Hannah Kammeyer, Limagrain

4:30 Downy Brome and Rattail Fescue Control in Winter Wheat — Trent Harrison, BASF

5:00 Session Ends

SPANISH CORE PROGRAM — Room 3 (Fee $20.00)

Moderator — Silvia Rondon, Oregon State University

1:00 Primeros Auxilios y Respuesta a Derrames = First Aid and Spill Response — Sean Perez, OSU PSEP

2:00 Manos en Equipo de Protección Personal = Hands-On Personal Protective Equipment — Garnet Cooke and Sarah Graser, OSHA

3:00 Leyes Y Regulaciones Relacionadas Con Pesticidas en Oregon = Oregon Pesticide Laws and Regulations — Gilbert Uribe, ODA

4:00 Como Debe el Aplicador Relacionar la Informacion en la Etiqueta de los Pesticidas = How the Applicator Should Match the Information on the Pesticide Label — Jaime Ramon, WSDA

5:00 Session Ends


Moderator — Sandy DeBano, Oregon State University

10:30 Getting Involved With Native Bee Survey and Identification in Eastern Oregon — Oregon Bee Atlas — Andony Melathopoulos, OSU

11:00 Native Bees of Eastern Washington — Don Rolfs, Amateur Naturalist

11:30 Native Bee Pollinators of First Food Plants in the Blue Mountains — Sarah Gardener, Beecology Consulting

12:00 Break

1:00 Pollinator and Youth Education — Carrie Caselton Lowe, Oregon Natural Resource Education Program

1:30 Pollinators in Alfalfa Seed Fields: A Story About the Alkali Bee — Greta Dupuis, WSU

2:30 Solitary Bees for Pollinating Eastern Oregon and Washington Crops — Jim Watts, Watts Bees

3:00 Unlocking the Mysteries of Bee Foraging Behavior with DNA — Katie Arstingstall, OSU

3:30 Recent Advances in Understanding Human Influences on Native Bees in Eastern Oregon — Sandy DeBano, OSU

4:00 Beekeeping 101 — Jan Lohman, Oregon Master Beekeeper Program

4:30 How to Conceive and Design Pollinator-Friendly Flower Gardens and Plantings — Kate Frey, Sustainable and Organic Gardens

5:00 Session Ends


Moderator — Scott Lukas, Oregon State University

1:00 Peppers as an Alternative Crop for The Columbia Basin — Sandya Kesoju, WSU

1:30 Use of UAV’s and Multispectral Mapping In Vegetable Crop Production — Will and Sarah Anderson, Anderson Geographics LLC

2:00 Cover Crops (including Hemp) in Irrigated Vegetable Systems — Brian Mitchell, Colorado State University

2:30 Nitrogen Management for Broccoli: Organic and Conventional — Dan Sullivan, OSU

3:00 Break

3:30 Winter Legumes in Vegetable Cropping Systems — Stephen Van Vleet, WSU

4:00 Heat Tolerance and Production of 38 Broccoli Varieties in the Columbia

Basin — Logan Clark, OSU

4:30 Using Drip Irrigation in Onion Systems in the Sandy Lower Umatilla Basin — Scott Lukas, OSU

5:00 Session Ends

WELCOME RECEPTION — Lobby 4:30-6:00 Sponsored by Simplot Grower Solutions


PEST MANAGEMENT — Conference Room

Moderator — Silvia Rondon, Oregon State University

8:00 UAVs and Multispectral Imaging for Pest Management: Examples and Considerations — Will & Sarah Anderson, Anderson Geographics LLC.

8:30 Hop Latent Viroid in Hemp and Other Crops — Ken Frost, OSU

9:00 Phytoplasmas in Irrigated Crops - Do We Know Enough? — Tiziana Oppedisano & Silvia Rondon, OSU

9:30 Insect Movement: How Far Can They Go? — Govinda Shrestha & Silvia Rondon, OSU

10:00 Break

10:30 Trapping Insect Programs in Washington — Carrie Wohleb, WSU

11:00 Utilizing the PNW Plant Diagnostic Clinics—How We Can Help You Diagnose! — Rachel Bomberger, WSU

11:30 The Microbiome: How Microbial Interactions Influence Plant Health and Disease — Kayla Delventhal & Ken Frost, OSU

12:00 Session Ends

CORE PROGRAM – Room 107 (Fee $20.00)

Moderator — Ray Qin, Oregon State University

8:00 Worker Protection Standard. What Does Compliance Look Like? — Kaci Buhl, OSU PSEP

9:00 Lesson Learned / Case Review and Updates — Mike Odenthal , ODA

10:00 ODA Updates: C &T Rule Changes, License Renewal Reminders — Laurie Gordon, ODA

11:00 What to Expect When the WSDA Comes A-Knocking...and Other Paranormal Events —Tom Hoffmann, WSDA

12:00 Session Ends

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