BOARDMAN — The Boardman Public Works Department will install new school zone signs and flashing lights on West Wilson Lane, where both Sam Boardman and Windy River elementary schools are located next to each other.

Crews plan to have the signs installed before the school year begins in September.

Older signs in the area advised motorists to drive 20 mph between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The new signs, however, will advise motorists to drive 20 mph only when the lights are flashing, and 30 mph at all other times.

City Manager Karen Pettigrew said the issue was not with reckless drivers in the school zone, but rather people driving too cautiously.

“People have tended to drive 20 mph for a good portion of that street,” Pettigrew said. “They don’t have to drive so slow through there on Saturday and Sunday.”

In other news, the Boardman City Council voted Aug. 5 to approve application to the Oregon Department of Transportation for a $50,000 Special City Allotment that, if granted, would help pay for curbs and sidewalks along a future street to be built between Faler Road and Chaparral Drive.

The Special City Allotment Program, established in 1947, is designed to assist small cities with repairing or rebuilding unsafe streets. Forty-six cities qualify for the funding.

The street in Boardman is part of the infrastructure needed for a new subdivision of duplexes planned in the area, Pettigrew said.

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