LEGO store

Julie Lara owns JB Brick Company, pictured here, with her husband Bobby Lara.

HERMISTON — When a Corvallis LEGO store announced they were going out of business, Julie and Bobby Lara saw the perfect opportunity to get into the LEGO business themselves.

They purchased most of the store’s stock and opened JB Brick Company in Hermiston at the beginning of August.

The store, located inside 295 E. Main St. in Suite #3W, offers up new and used sets of LEGOs as well as loose pieces by the bag and a “build your own figure” station where kids can comb through bins of pants, shirts, heads and hair for the perfect combination.

“Star Wars LEGOs have definitely been the most popular since opening,” Julie said. “Boys, girls, adults — everybody is looking for them.”

They also buy LEGOs from people, from full collectors’ sets to the “Rubbermaid container in the garage.”

Julie said she and Bobby recently took home a 3,000-piece Death Star to build and make sure all the pieces were there, since it did not come with a parts list. They didn’t mind — LEGOs are as much a hobby as they are a business for the Laras.

Julie said her love of LEGOs started when she was a young child.

“My dad got me into them,” she said. “He would buy me a set and I would immediately take it apart because I would want to build something new.”

Her husband, a union crane operator, didn’t understand her hobby at first, but he showed his support by building display cases for her ever-growing collection at home.

“Then he discovered their construction line, and he was like, ‘Wow, this really moves, just like I do on my job!’” she said, pointing to a giant blue crane on display in the shop. “So now he has his own collection.”

She said they are excited to share their hobby with people and hope they come down and check out the new store, which is open Wednesday through Saturday.

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