OMG Burgers

The latest OMG! Burgers & Brew will be on Main Street in downtown Hermiston.

HERMISTON — OMG! Burgers & Brew is opening in downtown Hermiston on Oct. 1. It is the second location for the popular restaurant, which has operated in Pendleton for more than three years.

It is a good time to open a restaurant, said Rodney Burt, OMG! owner. COVID-19 has caused many people to be isolated.

“People want to get out,” he said. “They want to eat at a great place with family and friends.”

The Hermiston menu will be the same as the one at the Pendleton restaurant. Also, the atmospheres of the two restaurants will match.

OMG!’s offerings include a variety of beef, pork and chicken burgers. Many of these burgers have fanciful names, such as “Gouda for Me Burger” and “Leggo My Eggo Burger.” The restaurant also serves sausage dogs, salads, sliders, appetizers and desserts.

The children’s menu has mini corn dogs, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwiches and more.

Opening a second restaurant has been in the works for years. Burt’s five-year plan includes having three restaurants in the area. For the last three years, he has wanted a second restaurant, and he has been trying to find a good location for two years.

COVID-19 slowed his plan, but continued expansion, he said, remains the plan.

“We believe we have found a great place in Hermiston,” he said.

Burt grew up in Hermiston and Umatilla, and he said he loves the area. The region, he said, is “booming.” As such, people expect great restaurants.

By creating a Hermiston restaurant, he said he believes he will help improve dining options in the town. This will encourage other restaurants to open in Hermiston, which has happened in Walla Walla and continues happening in Pendleton. If enough restaurants open in Hermiston, it will become a destination.

“It benefits all restaurants and businesses,” he said.

He added, his new restaurant also will benefit workers, as he is hiring 30 employees for Hermiston. He also has 30 employees at his Pendleton restaurant, he said.

Getting ready to open by the start of October, Burt was readying the restaurant. He was receiving equipment and working with the health department. He also was hiring employees.

“We also need more cooks, servers and hosts,” he said.

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