At 73, Carole Innes of Pendleton started a new business.

When Innes’ niece and her husband moved to Pendleton, the trio decided to co-found Round-Up City Restoration.

Innes said foreclosed properties can stay unoccupied long after their residents have moved out, falling into disrepair.

Banks and other lending other institutions will pay companies like Round-Up City Restoration to fix up the properties while the houses sit in limbo.

While some restoration business do more comprehensive renovations, Innes said their business focuses on gardening and lawn mowing.

Innes said her nephew-in-law works full-time as a log scaler, so the business is something they do in their spare time for homes in the 97801 area code.

While Innes said her primary responsibility is filling out the requisite paper work, she’s not opposed to getting her hands dirty for a job.

“I like the hard work,” she said.

Elected to the Pendleton City Council in May, Innes said she likes the job because its a chance to improve the image of the community.

Round-Up City Restoration is one of 21 business licenses the city of Pendleton issued in April and May. Below are the rest of the business names, their physical or mailing address and their owner or contact person.

• Stettler Supply & Construction, 4420 Ridge Drive N.E., Salem

• Thomas Burton, P.O. Box 1384, Pendleton, Tom Burton

• R-Tisan Tree Service, P.O. Box 1137, Hermiston, Cesar Campos

• Post’s Guns, 1240 N.W. Johns Ave., Jason Post

• GhostTown Organix, 2515 N.E. Riverside Place, Pendleton, Sheri Ramirez

• J and J Affordable Auto Sales, 500 S.E. Court Ave., Joe Merritt

• Dick Anderson Construction, 916 S.W. 17th St. Redmond

• Emma Jeanne Photography, 3218 N.E. Riverside Ave., Emma Barfuss

• Pipeline Inspections Services, P.O. Box 3032, Nampa, Idaho

• Insulation Contractors Inc. doing business as Magellan Insulation, 22706 58th Place S., Kent, Washington

•ABST/Total Security, 3501 Westgate, Pendleton, Corey Anderson

• T2 Home Services, 3049 S.W. Kirk Ave., Pendleton, Mark Douglas Townsend

• Harvey’s Haul, 500 N.W. 21st St., Pendleton, Jim and Nancy Harvey

• Charles Pevy Lawn Care, 1415 N.W. Despain Ave., Charles Pevy Jr.

• Moreno & Nelson Construction Corp., P.O. Box 794, Walla Walla,

• Loran Lindell Construction, 44949 Adams Road, Pendleton, Loran Lindell

• Everlasting Everly Photography, 1417 S.W. 18th St., Sydney Cave

• Capitol Asset & Pavement Services, 204 N. First St. Suite C, Silverton

• Alex Muller General Contracting, 127 Quinney Place, Pendleton, Alexander Muller

• G.R. Morgan Construction, 10536 S.W. 25th Ave., Portland, George Morgan II and Tana Morgan

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