Speakeasy Expansion

Stylists Katie Jones, owner of the Speakeasy Salon and Boutique, and Melissa Braniff blow dry client Sara Reyburn’s hair Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017, at Jones’ shop in Pendleton.

The popular Speakeasy Salon and Boutique in Pendleton is expanding.

Owner Katie Jones said the larger iteration of the Speakeasy should be ready for business the first week of February.

Jones said in September she realized the salon and spa end of the business was “truly busting out of the seams” and she saw two options: cut back or grow. For Jones, there really was only one choice.

That meant parting with the retail clothing end of the business. Carolyn Britt, who managed the clothing store, bought the business to pursue on her own. Now Jones and company are renovating the former retail space for the expansion.

Jones said the salon will go from three hair stations to six while spa services is adding estheticians, a nurse practitioner for Botox and other treatments, and installing an infrared sauna.

Jones also said the business is bringing in a barber for the men folk. Not only will they be able to get a clean shave with a straight razor, Jones said, the Speakeasy is acquiring a liquor license to sell beer.

The Speakeasy Salon and Boutique, 215 S.W. 10th St., remains open during the expansion, and Jones said the attitude toward customers will remain constant.

“We’re definitely a fun loving group that appreciates our clients,” she said.

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