PENDLETON - During the majority of the afternoon, the livestock got the better of the cowboys during Wednesday's timed events at the Round-Up, which should take a bit of the pressure off Thursday and Friday's competitors.

Only four men were able to turn in a qualifying time during the first timed event, calf roping. Matt Shiozawa grabbed the low score by roping his calf in 12.8 seconds, while PRCA points leader Trevor Brazile gave a 15.2 effort that was good for second on the day.

Shiozawa had an 8.3 during Tuesday slack, giving him a 21.1 and likely assuring him a spot in Saturday's short round.

Of all the events, the steer wrestlers had the most success, with just three men failing to turn in a qualifying time. Todd Suhn, of North Platte, Neb., turned in the best time at 5.6 seconds. Three men were right on his tail: Clayton Morrison at 6.2, Dane Hanna at 6.5 and Jake Rinehart at 6.6.

Brazile, the legendary $3 million man, and his teammate Patrick?Smith made up for a no-score in team roping slack by posting the fastest time of the day, a 5.1-second blast down the famous Round-Up Arena slope.

Two teams came close to besting Brazile and Smith. Turtle Powell and Travis Graves posted a 5.3, while Chad Masters and Jade Corkill came close at 5.9.

"It was pretty uneventful at the Round-Up for me so far," Brazile said from his bus as he headed toward Albuquerque, N.M.. "We felt like we had a pretty good chance (of turning in a good second time). There's really not a lot to think about as you come down the chute."

Brazile, leading the PRCA?world standings with $419,868, said he is feeling physically and mentally sound as he heads into the stretch run toward the PRCA Finals in Las Vegas.

"Physically I feel great. Mentally, as of right now, it's the best season I've had up to this point," he said. "The horses I'm on feel like some of the best horses I've ever been on."

Only four steer ropers turned in qualifying times. Rocky Patterson was first with 11.4 seconds, trailed by Landon McClaugherty at 12.7, Cody Sheck at 19.3 and John Alps at 28.5.

"That steer was missed in the first round but he didn't run as hard some of them (in the second round),"?said Patterson, who got a no-time on his slack attempt. "It was a pretty good run for me."

Patterson said some of the conditions at the Round-Up make for a particularly challenging time.

"The odds are kind of in the cattle's favor up here," he said. "The length of the box, the way you have to score. It seems like those cattle don't like to lay as good on grass as they do on dirt."

Barrel racing finished out the first afternoon performance of the Round-Up. Allison Vankoll, of Brush Prairie, Wash., took the best time with a 28.71. Hermiston's Jodi Hoctor had a 29.18, good for fourth on the day, while Stanfield's Chandra Eng rode a 29.33.

Scoreboard Below

Pendleton Round-Up Scoreboard

Bareback riding

First go-round

1, Jared Keylon, Fort Scott, Kans., 84 points. 2, Tilden Hooper, Carthage, Texas, 83. 3, Will Lowe, Canyon, Texas, 82. 4, Casey Colletti, Pueblo, Colo., 80. 5, Matt Bright, Azle, Texas, 79. 6, Jessy Davis, Payson, Utah, 78. 7 (tie), Jerad Schlegel, Burns, Colo., 77. D.V. Fennell, Neosho, Mo., 77. 9 (tie), Royce Ford, Briggsdale, Colo., 76. Jared Smith, Williston, Fla. 76. 11, Justin McDaniel, Porum, Okla., 75. 12, Cimmaron Gerke, Brighton, Colo., 74.

Saddle bronc

1, Wade Sundell, Boxholm, Iowa, 85 points. 2, Bobby Griswold, Geary, Okla., 84. 3, Shaun Stroh, Dickinson, N.D., 83. 4 (tie), Jesse Kruse, Great Falls, Mont., 82. J.J. Elshere, Quinn, S.D., 82. 6, Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, S.D., 81. 7 (tie), Morgan Forbes, Kaycee, Wyo., reride, 78. Rod Hay, Wildwood, Alberta, 78. 9 (tie), Brad Rudolf, Battle Mountain, Nev., 77. Tyler Corrington, Guymon, Okla., 77. 11, Jake Hayworth, St. Anthony, Idaho, 76. 12, Jerad McFarlane, Wilder, Idaho, 72. 13, Chuck Schmidt, Keldron, S.D., 71. 14, Roy Matthew Johnson, Etna, Calif., 69.

Bull riding

1, Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, S.D., 86 points. 2, Beau Schroeder, China, Texas, 82. 3, Ardie Maier, Timber Lake, S.D., 81. 4, Tag Elliott, Thatcher, Utah, 78. 5, Garrett Vig, Newell, S.D., 77. 6, Chad Everett Denton, Berry Creek, Calif., 76.

Second go-round

Wednesday performance

Team roping

1, Trevor Brazile Decatur, Texas, Patrick Smith Midland, Texas, 5.1 seconds. 2, ,Turtle Powell Stephenville, Texas, Travis Graves Jay, Okla., 5.3. 3,Chad Masters, Clarksville, Texas, Jade Corkill Fallon, Nev., 5.9. 4, Steve Purcella Hereford, Texas, Jhett Johnson Casper, Wyo., 7.8. 5. Kaleb Driggers Albany, Ga., Brad Culpepper Ashburn, Ga., 16.1

Steer roping

1, Rocky Patterson, Pratt, Kans., 11.4 seconds. 2, Landon McClaugherty, Tilden, Texas, 12.7. 3, Cody Scheck, Alva, Okla., 19.3. 4, John Alps, Culver, 28.5.

Barrel racing

1, Allison Vankoll, Brush Prairie, Wash., 28.71 seconds. 2, Brenda Mays, Terrebonne, 28.81. 4, Sammy Jo Willis, Terrebonne, 29.02. 5, Jodi Hoctor, Hermiston, 29.18. 6, Chandra Eng, Stanfield, 29.33. 7, Sallye Williams, Skiatook, Okla., 29.38. 8, Cindy Woods, Newberg, 29.78. 9, Whitney Sharp, Sulphur, Okla., 29.93. 10, Katie Van Beek, Nampa, Idaho, 32.94.


Tie-down Roping

1, Ryan Jarrett 9.3 seconds. 2 (tie), Tyson Durfey, 11.3. Cimarron Boardman, 11.3. Justin Macha, 11.3. 5, Ross Eickoff, 11.7. 6 , errad Hofstetter, 11.9, 7 344 Scott Kormos, 12.0. 8, Seth Childers, 12.7. ,9 Matt Shiozawa 12.8. 10, Clif Cooper, 13.1. 11, Vin Fisher Jr., 13.2. 12, Monty Lewis, 13.3. 13, Tuf Cooper, 13.5. 14, Alwin Bouchard, 14.4. 15, Tim Hansen, 14.7. 16, Murray Pole, 15.1. 17, Trevor Brazile, 15.2. 18, Scott Snedecor, 19.8. 19, Hunter Herrin, 20.2. 20, Chad Finley, 22.8.

Steer Wrestling

1, Casey Martin, 5.2 seconds, 20.8 seconds on 2 head, aggregate place, 14th. 2 (tie), Todd Suhn, 5.6, 10.2/2, first. Luke Branquinho 5.6 13.2/2, fifth. 4, Wade Sumpter, 5.7, 5.7/1, 22nd. 5, Billy Bugenig, 5.9, 12.6/2, 3rd. 6, Clayton Morrison, 6.2, 15.4/2, 11th. 7, Dane Hanna, 6.5, 12.3/2, second. 7, Mark Boultinghouse, 6.5, 29.4/2, 19th. 9, Jake Rinehart, 6.6, 6.6/1, 25th. 10 (tie), Brad Johnson, 6.7, 6.7/1, 26th. K.C. Jones, 6.7, 13.1/2, fourth. 12, Cole Edge, 7.2, 15.5/2, 12th. 13, Nick Guy, 7.6, 14.7/2, seventh. 14 (tie), Trevor Scott, 7.9, 18.5/2, 13th. Sean Mulligan, 7.9, 15.3/2, ninth. 16, Justin Pearce, 8.1, 8.1/1, 33rd. 17, Erik Johnson, 8.4, 13.9/2, sixth. Jason Miller, 8.4, 14.7/2, seventh. 19, Nolan Conway, 8.5, 8.5/1, 36th. 20, Gabe Ledoux, 9.2, 26.1/2, 18th. 21, Rian Conway, 9.4, 9.4/1, 41st. 22, Kelsey Anderson, 9.8, 51.1/2, 20th. 23, Ryan Shaw, 9.9, 15.3/2, ninth. 24, Derral Thomas, 11.8, 23.1/2, 16th. 25, Matt Reeves, 14.6, 14.6/1, 50th. 26, Seth Hadlock, 15.0, 15.0/1, 51st. 27, Seth Brockman, 15.,3 23.8/2, 17th. 28, Tyler L Haugen, 16.2, 22.3/2, 15th. 29, Colin Wolfe, 20.1, 20.1/1, 59th.


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