IRRIGON — Students earning honor roll status for the fourth quarter of the 2013-14 academic year at Irrigon Jr./Sr. High School with a 3.5-4.0 GPA:

Seventh grade: Myka Davis, Nicole Phillips, Caleb Adams, Laura Ayala, Lina Dunn, Kiersten Holz, Nancy Mejia, Alex Miranda-Walls, Steve Robles and Madison Bowman.

Eighth grade: Andrea Angeles, Samuel Berry, Yulisa Cardenas, Karlee Gale, Ethan Greer, Tanner Mills, Katlin Newdiger, Brandy Quezada-Hermosillo, Andruw Sorensen, Jessica Carillo, Lizeth Nunez, Evelyn Carrillo, Taylor Davis, Jocelin Sanchez, Olivia Luna-Castellanos, Kolyne Blurton and Kevin Murguia Ortega.

Freshman: Ammon Byers, Kayden Kendrick, Megan Harley, Lily Mills, Gina Olson, Alexus Williams, Marlina Avila, Brenna Bowman, Casandra Fleming, Destiny Holz, Austin Rice, Bruno Salas, Ariana Miranda-Walls, Asusena Munoz and Allison Verley.

Sophomore: Ian Meakins, Nicholas Strong, Shandon Sanders-Johnson, Nathaniel Verley, Colten Seelye, Aaron Muth and Andrea Roberts.

Junior: Barbara Janovska, Anthony Landeros, Zachary Rice, Adrian Romero, DesiJo Roybal, Brittany Zuercher, Katelyn Wells, Oscar Romero, Andrew Timpy and Isabel Orozco.

Senior: Skyler Blythe, Bowen Byers, Jordan Connell, Karen Gonzalez, Nildia Resendiz, Ashli Roberts, Logan Sanders, Arianna Strong, A.J. Jiles, Victor Aguilera, Taylor Gumbert, Cole Snyder, Gabriela Villarreal, Jacqueline Lee, Jennifer Working, James Creason and Jessica Nava.

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