PENDLETON - Tournament fans, Pendleton wants to serve you better.

For the first time in Pendleton's history of being the host for the State 2A Basketball Tournament, the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce is conducting a survey of selected fans at the Pendleton Convention Center. The results will be tabulated to help the chamber, its members and the tournament's steering committee determine what they're doing right and what they could do better or different.

"Our ultimate desire is to make it better," said Leslie Carnes, chamber executive director. "If we don't know where the problems are, we can't fix 'em."

The chamber has printed 600 peach-colored half-sheet survey forms that volunteers are distributing with some tickets and at the door before some games. Although there is no effort to survey every player, coach and fan, the chamber also has made survey forms available for those who have specific comments to share.

Forms may be obtained in the foyer of the Convention Center beside the office window. A drop box for completed survey forms is there as well.

The form also includes space for a few lines of comment.

"We're going to take those to heart," Carnes said, adding that Tammy Dennee, the chamber's immediate past president, drafted the form. After some minor changes by the chamber's tournament steering committee, Carnes said, it was adopted.

"It covers all the different aspects of a visitor's points of contact with Pendleton," she said. "Hopefully, they'll all come back 5s. If not, we'll talk to the people we need to talk to and see what we need to do to straighten things out."

Dr. John McBee Sr., state 2A tournament director, said he thinks the survey is a great idea.

"We want to know what the fans think and we want to improve," he said. "Mainly, the idea is to keep people happy here."

What are they asking?

The form asks respondents to rate from 1-5 (low satisfaction to high) their opinions of six things:

• Dining establishments.

• Hotel accommodations.

• Pendleton Convention Center.

• Tournament organization and operation.

• Hospitality, friendliness of staff and volunteers.

• Overall experience in Pendleton.

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