PENDLETON - An empty lot haunts the Riverview Terrace Mobile Home Park.

The family of four that used to live there died July 29, murdered in their sleep when their trailer was set ablaze.

Neighbors woke at about 2:30 a.m. to see huge flames springing from the trailer. They banged on the back of the mobile home, trying to get the family out. But it was too late.

Bob Browning, his wife Debbie Barnett, and their daughters Dawn Browning, 4, and Stephanie Browning, 3, all were killed by smoke inhalation, along with a puppy.

Locals created an impromptu memorial outside the crime scene, leaving flowers, balloons and stuffed animals by the family's charred car.

Two men from the same trailer park, Cody Watson and Michael Webb, soon were arrested and charged with multiple counts of aggravated murder.

They could face the death penalty, but the prosecution hasn't said yet whether it will pursue that.

Family of the victims hope Watson and Webb get capital punishment.

Watson is set for trial starting June 2. Webb's trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 5.

Tensions still run high at the trailer park. Friends of the victims and family members of the suspects live within a stone's throw of the empty lot.

Neighbors knew of the conflict between Bob Browning and Watson, and heated arguments which escalated before the arson fire. One woman said the disagreement was over drugs.

Several people who live at the trailer park said they didn't like Bob Browning, and that he was a troublemaker.

In December, Watson and Webb, still in prison, were cited for selling marijuana to a police informant, following a lengthy investigation.

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