ADAMS - The latest in a series of Adams improvements is the walking path that will meander through Community Park.

"The prep work is just about done," City Council member and Parks Director Dick Johnson said. "They'll start pouring the asphalt in about a week, and they'll pour it until our money runs out. It might not end up being completely finished right away, but we're getting close."

Johnson said grants and some city money provided the funding for the path, which is handicapped accessible and measures more than 640 feet. He noted it will allow parents to watch their children on the playground equipment while they follow their own exercise regimen.

The pathway was laid out a year ago and Johnson is proud that the project has progressed so quickly. Speed was of the essence to the 77-year-old.

"My term runs out soon, and I'm just not sure if I'm going to run again," he said. "I really wanted to get this done."

Johnson said that Adams went through a bad spell when the school closed and the railroad stopped running through town. He had served on the city council earlier, but decided to do so again, hoping to be a part of an effort to revitalize the community.

"This council is really a good group," he said. "We all work together to get things done."

Among the improvements that have been accomplished are the renovation of Adams Town Hall. Johnson also said that the establishment of a Neighborhood Watch program, the addition of a curfew for young people, and stricter animal control ordinances have improved life in Adams.

The Oregon Department of Transportation has put in a new bridge for South Main Street, and the money is allocated for paving Williams Street. Johnson also said that the secondary roads are scheduled for fresh gravel.

His work, however, is not done. There are many other things Johnson hopes his community can accomplish. At Adams Community Park, he would like to see work done to improve the tennis courts, more picnic benches and new playground equipment.

He also said a committee has been formed to plan a skateboard park near the Adams Little League Baseball Field. Grant money possibilities are already being explored for that park.

"You don't see skateboards here in Adams, but that's probably because the parents tell their kids there's no place to use them," he said. "We had a meeting and it sounds like something people really want to do. The city has agreed to donate the land behind the ball park. They came to a council meeting and seemed bound and determined that they want this, so we'd like to do it for them."

Adams is a great town, according to Johnson. "It's a good, old-fashioned agricultural town," he said. I'd like to see additional growth here."

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